Student Life at BMA is vibrant, engaging and challenging for all ages. Involvement starts at an early age with Biddy Basketball and Junior Cheer Squad, progresses to elementary and middle school with clubs on etiquette, athletics and spiritual growth, and culminates with our high school students actively engaged in peer tutoring, athletics, spiritual growth and volunteer programs. All students actively participate in fun and educational field trips, spirit days, missions outreach, special events committees, contests, and more.

Below is a list of our current clubs:

Boyz-2-Men (Boys grades 2-5)

Etiquette Club (Girls grades 2-5)

Safety Patrol (Grades 6-12)

World Changers (Community Service; Grades 6-12)

Honors Club (Students inducted based on grade requirements; Grades 6-12)

Yearbook Club (Grades 6-12)

Elementary Art (Grades 2-5)

Advanced Art (Grades 6-12)

Student Council (Grades 6-12)

Cultural Club (Grades 6-12)

Performing Arts (Grades 6-12)