Weekly sessions are held during which the student identifies his education with the ministry of the church. Church and school staff, and IBC interns teach the Word of God with a non-denominational intent.

Special Meetings

Weekly Bible discussion groups are open to all students who wish to further their learning of the Word of God. These special group meetings are designed to help your child develop the character of Christ in their lives.

Daily Devotions

Devotions consist of pledges, praise and worship, Bible readings, prayer and announcements. The Academy places emphasis upon the greatness of America’s heritage and the sacrifices of its heroes. America is a republic which guarantees liberties to educate and preserve freedom.

Sunday Services

We believe and teach that church fellowship and attendance are foundational truths of God’s Word. Without attending church regularly, no Christian can succeed. We stress regular church attendance to our students. We encourage each one to visit our local worship services at some point during the year, and invite each to become a part of our fellowship if they are in need of a church home.