Established in 1975

SACS Accredited & State Approved

AE | SACS dip seal 4c 66%

Home of the Kings!

At Bishop McManus Academy our goal is to help each child find their unique gifts and discover their true purpose. Our dedicated staff train, equip and empower our students to be successful while pursuing their destiny. We are equipping our students through Christ so that they will change and greatly impact their generation. Solid foundations are set and lives are forever changed. At BMA miracles happen everyday!

Welcome to the Kingdome!

About BMA

Bishop McManus Academy is a Christian academic community consisting of grades PK2 – 12. As such, Bishop McManus Academy continues the philosophy of education which first gave rise to the Academy, summarized in the following propositions. Our campus is located on the grounds of City Church of New Orleans, a non-denominational church serving the Greater New Orleans Area.

God, the infinite source of all things, has shown us truth through scripture, nature, history, and above all, in Christ.

Persons are spiritual, rational, moral, social and physical, created in the image of God. They are, therefore, to know and value themselves and other persons, the universe and God.

Education, as the process of teaching and learning, involves the whole person, developing the knowledge, values and skills which enable the individual to change freely. Thus it occurs most effectively when both instructor and student are properly related to God and each other through Christ.

Best reading program in the state! Our students read fluently by age 5.

Our kindergarten students impress Senator Elbert Guillory with their advanced reading abilities.