Booster Club

Bishop McManus Academy’s Booster Club was established in the fall of 2013 birthed from the dream of a group of parents desiring to provide their children with the tools for greater success academically, spiritually, physically and morally.
“First, I want to say that BMA is the best thing that has happened to our son as far as his educational experiences.  It has been a blessing to see him blossom into the young man that he is becoming and our family is truly grateful to God for all that He is pouring into his life.  Xavier has been a student at BMA for almost 3 years and it is our plan (and his) to be a 2015 graduate of BMA.   His dream is to become a Sports Medicine Physician and attend Tulane University here in New Orleans. With all of our prayers and your love that he has been given, it is possible.  And we know that All things are possible with God. (Mark 10:27).” Lionel & Demetra Dixon, parents and Booster Club Vice-President
The BMA Booster Club is founded following the guidelines of the NBCTC and has already made a positive impact on school and student success. Parents have engaged in involving volunteers, raising funds and motivated students.
You are encouraged to be a part of this active growing group of parents by emailing