lhsaa-logo-e1459956464310High School Athletics at Bishop McManus Academy has been a fixture in the school’s extra-curricular activities for over 30 years.  We believe that participation in athletics can instill inside of a young man or woman a great deal of discipline and work ethic. BMA is a proud member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.  We currently participate in the sports of Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, and Outdoor Boys/Girls Track & Field.
Bishop McManus Academy maintains a strong commitment to sportsmanship in every aspect of its athletic program. It is expected that all students, athletes, and parents show respect to opposing teams, game officials and each other while attending or participating in Bishop McManus Academy sporting events. Anyone who violates the ideals of sportsmanship is subject to ejection from Bishop McManus Academy sporting events and any student who violates these ideals is subject to further disciplinary action as outlined in the school’s Behavior Policy. Expectations of sportsmanship include the following:
  • Respecting all persons involved in an athletic event
  • Respecting contest officials and their decisions
  • Applauding the players and coaches of both teams
  • Avoiding derogatory yells, chants, songs or gestures
  • Avoiding the use of profanity or displays of anger
  • Remaining in the stands throughout the game
  • Being a positive, exemplary role model for your team and school.