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What to expect from a Masters in Finance Typically, a Masters in Finance will last one or two years, depending on the institution and location. Most institutions run Masters in Finance courses with one of the following focuses: 1. To prepare qualified undergraduates for careers in mid- to senior- level financial positions such as in financial analysis, investment management and corporate finance. 2. To help established financial professionals to advance in the workplace, build on and update their skills and knowledge, or change career specialization. The level of specialization offered varies; some Masters in Finance allow students to study a range of finance topics before choosing a specialization, while others are highly specialized right from the start of the course. You will be required to attend lectures and seminars, and produce coursework or a thesis in an advanced topic integrating and applying several subjects learnt during the degree program. Students may also need to attend workshops in quantitative methods, create projects to put theory into practice, and go to speakers’ events attended by industry professionals. In addition to the qualification you will receive from your institution, you may also be able to take high-level professional accreditations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam designed to test candidates’ readiness for the professional finance world. Although the level of content is comparable to a Masters degree, the concept behind the CFA and their examination methods are different although some institutions do embed a significant percentage of the CFA program “Candidate Body of Knowledge” into their degree programs.